Pir Muhammad Shah


Hazrat Pir Muhammad Shah Sahib, hailed as the Ghazi of Islam, graced the home of Hazrat Ameer-us-Saalikeen in the District of Bhera Sharif, known as Sargodha, in 1890. Allah Almighty endowed him with a striking appearance and a life of extraordinary beauty. In 1946, he embarked on his second Hajj pilgrimage to Makkah Mukarramah, a place he frequented to visit Shaykh Abdul Ghani At-Tirmidhi. The Shaykh marvelled at Hazrat Pir Muhammad Shah Sahib’s unparalleled handsomeness and dignified countenance.

Dedicated to Worship and Fasting

Hazrat Pir Muhammad Shah Sahib dedicated his life to worship and unrelenting devotion to Allah Almighty. His days were filled with fasting, including voluntary prayers like Tahajjud, even during periods of illness. Congregational prayers were a steadfast practice, and even while travelling, he ensured to establish them, often with the assistance of a fellow Dervish. His life predominantly unfolded in seclusion, frequently visiting the riverbank after the Asr prayer, where he would remain engrossed in recitations and Awrad until 9 or 10 o’clock before returning home. His profound attachment to the Quran was evident as he would lead the Taraweeh prayer during Ramadan and maintain a strong connection with the Awwaabeen and Tahajjud prayers.

Spiritual Succession and Leadership

Pir Amir Shah Sahib, Hazrat Pir Muhammad Shah Sahib’s noble father, played a diligent role in nurturing his spiritual development. With the guidance of Hazrat Khawaja Pir Siyal, the parents of Hazrat Zia-ul-Ummat, Pir Muhammad Shah Sahib, took their spiritual pledge from Khawaja Muhammad Zia-ud-Din Sialvi. Following rigorous spiritual training, Pir Muhammad Shah was appointed as the vicegerent in the Sialvi order, entrusted with the duty of guiding the people. Hazrat Ameer-us-Saalikeen, Pir Amir Shah Sahib, departed from this world on the 10th of Jamaadu-Thaani, equivalent to the 6th of December 1927. Pir Muhammad Shah Sahib inherited the distinguished spiritual seat and faithfully fulfilled this responsibility until 1957, striving tirelessly to develop and progress the Chisti order.

Educational Endeavours

Pir Muhammad Shah, known as the Ghazi of Islam, established a madrasah dedicated to teaching the Quran, ensuring that every Muslim completed the Quran at least once. This initiative provided thousands of Muslims the blessed opportunity to become Hafiz of the Quran, benefitting the entire community. In 1925, he founded the Muhammadiyah Ghawthiyyah Primary School, passionately encouraging parents to enrol their children. He personally shouldered the responsibility of providing books, resources, and teachers’ salaries.

Military Service for Pakistan

Following the establishment of Pakistan, Pir Muhammad Shah and 50 of his followers with military experience courageously joined the military effort due to escalating skirmishes in Azad Kashmir. They fought valiantly on the frontline of Bawne Wayns in the Sialkot District, later being transferred to Hajirah Gharee in Azad Kashmir. Here, they dedicated three months of unwavering service, earning recognition from Colonial I. J. Kiani.

Passing and Urs

Pir Muhammad Shah Sahib’s worldly journey concluded on the 24th of Sha’baan in 1376, equivalent to the 26th of March in 1957. An annual Urs honours his memory, held on the night between the 3rd and 4th of Shawwa