Pir Muhammad Amir Shah, the founder of the spiritual centre in Bhera Sharif, was born in 1837 in this sacred place. He hailed from the esteemed Suhrawardi Sufi lineage, tracing his roots back to Hazrat Bahaa-ud-Din Zakariyya Multani. With a joyful disposition, moderate stature, slender build, wide face, and rosy complexion, Pir Amir Shah’s simple yet elegant attire reflected his humility.

Piety and Devotion

Known for his piety and excellence, Pir Amir Shah led a life deeply devoted to spirituality. His childhood was marked by abundant fasting, and he had a daily practice of leaving his home after the Asr prayer. He would spend time by the banks of the Jhelum river, engaging in remembrance and reflection. Throughout the night, he remained absorbed in worship, displaying unwavering dedication to his Lord.

Spiritual Connections and Journeys

Pir Amir Shah maintained connections with other great personalities of his time, including Master Ghulaam Rasool Sahib, who assisted in the public kitchen and held deep admiration for him. Pir Amir Shah embarked on a sacred journey to Sial Sharif, where he pledged his spiritual allegiance to Hazrat Khawaja Shams-ul-Aarifeen, an elder of the Chisti order. This led to his elevation in the Sialvi order, and he was honoured with the blessed cloak of Pir Sial due to his unwavering integrity and honesty.

Compassion and Hospitality

Pir Amir Shah had a heart for the destitute, actively caring for travellers and keeping the doors of the public kitchen open. His love for children, knowledge, piety, hard work, and regular prayers was complemented by his humble and sincere demeanour, embodying the Prophetic virtue of mercy. Even when a thief stole from his home, Pir Amir Shah chose forgiveness, requesting that the thief not be beaten and instead sending him food twice a day during his imprisonment.

Effective Spiritual Guidance

Pir Amir Shah’s words carried weight and were highly effective in guiding people towards the path of righteousness. An example of his influence was seen when Mian Muhammad Buhoor, a landlord from Gondal Sharif, joined his spiritual following but struggled with regular prayer. Upon receiving a single letter from Pir Amir Shah Sahib, Mian Muhammad Buhoor transformed, not only becoming a regular prayer performer but also adopting the practice of Tahajjud until his passing.

Legacy and Passing

Pir Amir Shah Sahib served as the spiritual leader for approximately 45 years. He passed away on December 1927 (10th Jamaadu-Thaani 1346 AH). His Urs, is held on the 9th and 10th of Jamaadu-Thaani in Bhera Sharif, honouring his enduring legacy and contributions to spirituality